Urban Princess Collection. Hats & Fascinators

Welcome to my world of hats, fascinators and head pieces!

For me hats and accessories are an attitude towards life which does not necessarily need a special occasion. Stylish fascinators or great headinators you can simply wear because of good mood and joy on a beautiful day and of fun of fashion. "Urban Princess" is the name of my collection which is aimed to modern women, who enjoy cool, trendy and elegant hat-fashion for everyday life and special moments. Whether it´s after-work party, movie premiere, summer party or a "Red Carpet" event, with the modern and glamorous head pieces by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern every urban Princess is always dressed best. The names of the hat models as "Big Wow", "Fancy Princess" or "Dressed to kill" stand for a lively, modern hat-fashion with real princesses charm.

As a modern princess I lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Whether public appearance, profession, charity or free time with my pets, as (urban) -Princess you have to be dressed appropriately for any occasion! Hats, fascinators and head-pieces simply belong to the wardrobe of a modern woman, because they conjure up any outfit into a very special look. With Arlt GmbH, a leading hat & accessories factories, I have a competent partner for my "Urban Princess”-collection, which stands for high-quality, hand-made hat fashion.

Have a lot of fun and be never “top less” on your head!

Yours sincerely
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern